Setup checks

Angry Terrorpin #81 Toto ModMcLarenDonatorRacer posted Sun at 18:26

Hi everyone,

As you all know (or should know), you are only allowed to use one of the standard 5 setups, custom setups are banned in F1XL.  The only things you can change are the ones available from within parc ferme such as front downforce, diff etc.

You must record your setup being chosen during the qualifying session, for the benefit of doubt and for any new drivers, the process is

  1. choose one of the 5 setups 
  2. alter any parts that are allowed (ie.front wing, fuel etc)
  3. confirm leaving the pit garage
  4. record the clip

There are many videos of their setup being selected but then not leaving the pits, which means it is not locked and you can still change it later, so please be mindful that this doesn't count as proof.

It is mandatory that the race winner of each league and a couple of drivers selected at random have their setup checked.  Generally this is done by looking through the captures on your xbox accounts, if they can't be found then please expect a request for proof.

Anyone seen to be breaking the setup rule could potentially lose any points gained that race and repeat offenders will receive greater penalties.  

If you are in doubt about this rule then please feel free to message me or ask your respective team owners to clarify it.  There have been a lot of concessions made in the past, but that good faith is running low!  I hope you all appreciate the rule is in place to make F1XL one of the most competitive and fair leagues out there, so please make sure you get those setups recorded.