Season 10 finale and Season 11 news

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Provisional dates for Season 11 (subject to change);

01/04/18 - Applications open for Season 11
04/04/18 - F1XL Xtra - Season Review 19:00 -
08/04/18 - Season 11 All Star Race / Full Season in one night for non-qualifying drivers 20:00
11/04/18 - F1XL Xtra - Live Track Draw for Season 11 and ASR review 19:00 -
18/04/18 - Season 11 Tier 1 Draft Night Live 19:00 - 22:00 -
18/04/18 - Season 11 Tier 2 Driver Signing Begins after Tier 1 Draft is Concluded
21/04/18 - Season 11 Tier 2 Driver Signing concludes at 23:59
22/04/18 - Season 11 Begins 21:00 (Practice 20:00)

Hello everyone!!

Firstly – All Star Race (ASR) and End of Season Break

We will be run the ASR on the 8th April! As usual, it will be a 100% race. There are few things still to be decided with teams, track etc… And that will all be announced after the re-runs. F1XL will then take a minimum of a one-week break which might be extended to two-weeks, this is to be confirmed.

So now it is time for Season 11 news!

Season length

We are looking to do our best to provide another full season! We have no release date yet for F1 2018 so we’re going to go full speed ahead and we will draw a full 20 track schedule! However – We will hold the right to shorten the season depending on the release of F1 2018. We might have to lose 3 tracks, maybe 5 or maybe none! But we are desperate that F1 2018 is a bigger and better game to help us continue with F1XL!

Next – Tickets and Ticket out comes…

Well, the ticket team has come under fire again this season… Which, I actually think, is unjust. They have a massively difficult job to do to try to be fair to everyone on the site. So, we’re listening and next season, we are bringing in a point system to replace the reprimand system we have now. Details on this change will be updated on the site next week and it will also show a bit of transparency as all the points will be posted and updated on the site.

Lastly – Safety Car - …

So, it has been debated within the admins whether to blanket off or blanket on. We can’t have two leagues doing one thing, and the other two doing the other. It was a difficult decision to come to this however, it was felt that the glitch is only intermittent with drivers feeling like they will give up after a first lap incident without the safety car on. We have decided to leave the Safety Car on and deal with the problems that will be faced from this.

One more thing.... 

Applications for Team Owners, Press, Admin/mode roles and for Season 11 is now open! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for this season, we have had our ups and downs but some of the racing has fantastic and I am really pleased to have been a part of this site. I hope you will all sign back up for Season 11.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this and more information will be released next week! 



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