Slowdog76 ModMercedesRacer posted Mon at 17:36

Hi All

Yes that's right. We want to hear what you all think about F1XL, not just what you think of it now, but also how how you think it can be improved or change moving forward. 

You will see it said in the survey, but it is worth repeating here; the survey is not for you to slag off other members, individuals or teams, be they racing teams or involved in the running of the site. We know the vitriol some people have thrown in that regard and it is not helpful. Any survey submitted that we feel is just being used to moan about someone will be instantly disregarded.

We want you to be constructive in your criticism. Have an idea? Explain it. Don't just give is one or two words. We want to hear what you have to say and think.

This will be open for two weeks. Spread the word amongst team mates, rivals, everyone. The more people that fill it in, the better.

Just click the link and away you go. Thanks chaps